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Mr2 v6 swap for sale. Mr2 v6 swap for sale. V6 Sub-forum with FAQ and stickies. Most of your V6 swap questions can be answered here. V6 into mk1 write up. by steve108. October 6th, 2017 23:46 Last Post. 13, 702. old post. V6 ECU & Harness Forum. Have questions about ECUs and harnesses for your V6 MR2 build? Ask them here. 1MZ Immobilizer ECU list. Sep 29, 2017 . Matt Farah has tested several Toyota MR2s in his One-Take series however he says this might be the last one. Brian Tullio stopped by with his 1993 MR2 he purchased with a 3.0 L 1MZ-FE V6 from a 1999 Camry. Although the previous owner completed the swap, Brian still did a lot of work so it would be . Jul 3, 2010 . It would have come in handy before, but there are a couple of guys that were at the mr2 meet last weekend and two of them have V6 swaps(1-3VZ and 1-MZ) and they. The 3VZ and 1MZ are very popular swaps, and if you buy the right year of motor they're practically plug n play if you've got the money. Apr 22, 2014 . IL FS: $6000 OBO 91 V6 MR2 Turbo (project car w/ extras) NON-Lexus vehicles for sale.. I bought the car in 2011 from the owner in California and had it shipped to Westmont, IL with the intention on finishing the engine swap myself.. Buyer will need to source the engine harness to complete the swap. Sep 30, 2015 . Which means that if you wanted a MR2 with a turbo-, or supercharged four cylinder engine, you could simply go out buy one- no modification required.. All manual transmissions also bolt straight onto the engine, although efforts to mate V6 Camry/Lexus engines with automatic MR2 transmissions have by . We are Prime Driven- Your one stop shop for Toyota MR2 and FRS / BRZ / 86 performance parts, maintenance parts, and 3SGTE swap DIY kits. Prime Performance FTW! Jan 1, 2017 . I've decided to sell my 1991 Toyota MR2 V6 3vzfe SWAP. I will be honest in the build history, maintenance & description of the vehicle before & during my ownership. The MR2 was refurbished & restored from a builder out of Ohio. I first came across it for sale on eBay. Then, months later here on the boards . May 20, 2015 . A naturally aspirated V6 engine from Toyota in the middle, generally light weight and no power steering is exactly what you get if you buy a Lotus Evora, but it is a bit expensive.

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